020-2019 How to Win Friends and Influence People

Title: How to Win Friends and Influence People

Author: Dale Carnegie

One recommendation I heard from the grand mister Warren Buffet was that he took a public speaking course somewhere called the Carnegie Institute (correct me if the name is not right). On another video I watched it recommended nine books that every individual should read at least once. And that was where I heard of this book, written by Dale Carnegie.

I would say that I am 90% made up of introvertism, maybe even more, and only 10% extroverted, and this only shows up when I am with friends. When we talk about complete strangers, then my introvertism shoots up even higher to 98%, with the 2% extrovertism relating to only asking a stranger for directions 🙂 . Now, taking this book, I feel that I could improve that ratio to become more extroverted, and possibly get a little more out of life.

What is great about the lessons it teaches in the book, is that many of us can relate to many similar/equal real-life experiences we have faced, and now see that we could have actually addressed those situations in a different manner. I definitely got that feeling with many of the chapters.

As the book notes to the reader, it’s very true that we are more interested in ourselves than in anyone else. But that’s where the book wants to tell you that you should also step back and become more interested in the people around you. I had this lecture being given to me by my parent, but never really took much notice from it. Now, having had a chance to gain life experience, I can reflect with more value on the book as it readily pointed out what many of us are doing wrong, and how we can improve on our habits to enjoy life a little better.

The true value isn’t derived by those who merely read the book, but by those who study it and apply it to their lives, and constantly going back to revise. By constantly learning, you are getting more out of these lessons than you might have without applying them at all.

The lessons that are taught are not restricted to any age, but are applicable from an early age. The lessons are also not limited to our personal lives, but are also valid in our professional lives.


The rating was definitely not difficult to determine, because the value that I derived is tremendously valuable, and will be valuable to everyone else that wants to get their own copy of the book. The book definitely goes onto my few 5.9/5 books.