023-2019 Think and Grow Rich

Title: Think and Grow Rich

Author: Napoleon Hill

I did finish this one some time ago but neglected to write a review before the year had ended. That’s why (even though we’re already going strong into 2020) I still title it among my 2019 reads.

Somewhere I once read that this was the book that was most commonly read by most millionaires. Once I turned the last page, I could understand how that could be true.

Even though the book was written a long time ago, the lessons it gives still hold strong value today as much as they did in the early 20th century.

The book is split into the following disciplines: 1) Desire; 2) Faith; 3) Auto-suggestion; 4) Specialized knowledge; 5) Imagination; 6) Organized Planning; 7) Decision; 8) Persistence; 9) The Power of the Master Mind Group; 10) The Mystery of Sex Transmutation; 11) The Brain; 12) The Subconscious Mind ; 13) The Sixth Sense…….off by heart 🙂

The order of the disciplines is not by random, but purposefully set in an order that the author wishes to get to the reader. With each of the disciplines taught the author gives the lesson, an illustrative example and then a session to reflect on the lesson learnt in the chapter. The examples used are of people from the early – mid 20th century, but they are clearly set out that the reader can still properly relate to the lessons.


The book wishes to teach value to every reader, uses good examples to illustrate the 13 disciplines, and frequently links the disciplines to each other, so that the reader doesn’t see them as one, but sees the connection between them. The lesson is taught in not-too-lengthy chapters, and the examples are very well explained. This book thus got my rating of 5.7/5

PS – it’s on my reading list in the next few months so I can see and reflect, and relearn the principles, and sharpen my knowledge of them. 🙂