019-2019 Circe

Title: Circe

Author: Madeline Miller

This is currently the third book review I am making on Greek Mythology. If you’re thinking that a pattern is developing, let me assure you, I have developed a deep interest in Greek stories. They are truly fascinating, and the next one is on Alexander the Great and maybe even the Persians 🙂

Coming back to the book, have you ever heard of the word ‘Circe’? Nope? Neither did I before either. I’ll put you out of your misery. It’s a Greek goddess, daughter of Helios, the god who drives his chariot across the sky and brings the sun into the sky. He took this responsibility over from Apollo, after one of Apollo’s sons (or bastard children) had an accident whilst driving the chariot…………(For more on this, read the book ‘Mythos’)

Circe is one of the children of Helios and a sea nymph, who does something very naughty to another sea nymph (Scylla), and as a punishment is exiled to live the rest of her life on an island alone. Now, being a goddess, ‘the rest of your life’ is unimaginably long. However, she is later permitted to get some visitors (humans and gods), and so her life story is told.

She teaches herself the craft of herb mixing, potions, she has a child with Odyssey, brings him up and then later her son is taken on a voyage, with Athena’s blessing, to go and fight a pending war. Later she gives up one of her most precious gifts for love.

It’s a really beautiful story, showing the hardship’s that the lower gods went through below the nobility class of the Greek gods. But also what the child goddess had to go through being a less desirable daughter than the other siblings. A story that shows build of character and maturity.


The story has beautiful content, also shows an important life lesson that we can all take something from away. It shows that love can make even the mythological Greek gods do crazy things, and not just humans. The rating is definitely a 5/5

018-2019 Song of Achilles

Title: Song of Achilles

Author: Madeline Miller

The first book I recommended that you should read was ‘Mythos’, and I stick to that, as long as you wish to get a bigger picture on a large part of Greek Mythology. However, if you only wish to read a true classic of one piece of Greek Mythology, specifically about Troy and Achilles, then drop that book and pick up this one instead.

The first time I was introduced to the story ‘Troy’ I saw it as a film. The fighting stunts, the actors, the setting of the story, and just all of it was truly mesmerizing. However, what sets the book apart from the movie is that the story covers more on Patroclus, a companion of Achilles, and the years they grew up and lead to the 10 year war that they fought for King Menelaos against the Tojans.

The author has a true talent to have the reader not just read the words, but become alive in the story as it unfolds chapter after chapter. And as you live in the story you just don’t want to stop. Amazing!

Living with Patroclus and Achilles as they both grow up was truly spell-binding, and for a time I believed I truly lived among the Greeks in another life-time. Patroclus had his titles removed, and Achilles was pushed by his sea-nymph god mother to strive for glory for the battle that would be the battle of millennia. Both had somewhat hard lives, but life was never easy in any generation, so we can relate.


The author has definitely become one of my favourites for any upcoming books, so this might be slightly biased :). The story is well written, and mesmerizing, and one understands so much more of Achilles’ and Patroclus’ lives when they finally reach the war against the Trojans for all the additional background that comes with this book. The book definitely goes on my 5.3/5 rating.