005-2020 1917

Title: 1917 Russia’s Year of Revolution

Author: Roy Bainton

I must confess, history as a subject didn’t particularly interest me very much in my school days. I thought that the thing that we should think about is the future.

Yet, as I came around to read more and more, i came to learn that one good teacher was to collect your own experience, and another is to learn from other’s mistakes and successes. Thus, my interest in history was sparked.

One important thing I do wish to point out from the start is that with history, it is something that has happened, and written down to be remembered. But the part I want to draw your attention towards is the person that is writing the story. It was generally written by the winners. And the writers were generally clergymen, scholars or other educated people of society.

What makes the story of 1917 interesting is that it is one whose story wasn’t written by the clergymen, or other upper-class men. It was the story written by the people who took the revolution to the streets of the Russian Empire.

There are multiple account of the events that took place in 1917, and most will overlap. But every one of them holds something unique to itself, and not all of them are told or heard. The general account of the important events are recorded and taught to everyone around the world. That’s very good because we all then learn a story of the events that took place. But what sometimes can make it better is when someone who lived through the events tells the story from how they lived it from their perspective.

That’s what I felt was the bonus from this book. The author didn’t just take the story as taught to us, and written it in his style. He made the story a little more personal by including people who lived/had close family ties to someone that lived in the time around the Russian Revolution.


Enjoyed the element of writing a historical account by including testimonies from senior citizens that could confirm or deny the history that is taught of the old Russia. The book is a great historical account but history might not be everyone’s agenda at first. Especially not Russia with communism. But all history has a lesson for us. Rated 3.8/5

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