008-2020 Atomic Habits

Title: Atomic Habits (Tiny changes, remarkable results)

Author: James Clear

Hi all, I’m back with another review, and I’m telling you upfront that this was a great reader that you should definitely have on your wish list.

One thing that has come to haunt us are our new years resolutions that we only uphold for a few months. Eventually you might just stop making them because you felt that you tried it a few times already and you mostly ended up not sticking with them.

Maybe, we have approached them all the wrong way…..

The book brings in a different approach that you should try, and that is to create small habits, improve on them, and then eventually their results could be the same outcome what you had wanted with that new year resolution.

The idea behind the habit is that it should not follow an outcome-based approach, but rather an identity-based approach. Meaning, you should adopt habits based on an identity you wish to live, rather than only working towards a goal. If you think about it this way, it is actually a better approach, since if you’re working towards an identity (a way to live – ie. fitness, healthy eating habits, etc.) rather than a goal (losing some weight) it tends to motivate you a little more for the long term as well, since your identity is a long-term perspective, whilst a goal can be achieved in the short(or medium)-run, whereafter you could easily default back into bad habits.

Working towards this identity, the author suggests that you should build small habits that support that identity, and then improve (or upgrade) those after you have mastered them.

The four steps to master a new habit are 1) cue, 2) craving, 3) response and 4) reward.

For each step he introduces you to what the step represents, and how you can implement a certain strategy to include a good habit into the equation, which should help you reach that identity you are striving to achieve.

A personal message from myself for switching from outcome-based approach to an identity-based approach. Really consider adopting this with your next big life decision, because making a decision to achieve a goal, will have you focus your attention to achieving that goal, which results in a commitment to a short-term or medium-term. Whereas making a decision for your identity, it is considered somewhat more significant, and lasting, and is therefore a long-term matter. And because it is long-term you would strive to live up to that much longer.


Great read, great tips, and definitely something that I will try and implement into my daily lifestyle. Rated as 5/5 🙂

Until next time, keep well!!!

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