012-2020 7 skills for the future

Title: 7 skills for the future

Author: Emma Sue Prince

Hi there fellow readers,

it seems another week has come to pass, another week with another good book done and dusted.

This is a book I picked up in the store, only after the third time of seeing it in the store. Even though it did catch my attention when they first displayed it, I didn’t see the value in it as I do now.

The book (as the title gives it away) lists 7 soft skills that the author believes need to be honed by every one of us in order to cope better in the new environment we find ourselves in. These skills are the following seven:

  • Adaptability
  • Critical thinking
  • Empathy
  • Integrity
  • Optimism
  • Being proactive
  • Resilience

The structure of each chapter is as follows:

  • Giving us the definition of what the skill means, and what it’s all about;
  • Listing reasons why the skills was selected as being necessary for the environment we live in these days;
  • Methods and steps we can adopt to apply the skill better in our daily life; and
  • A hypothetical case study of a person who is not utilizing the skill described in the chapter; explanation how this is not helping the person; and then a glimpse of the person’s life a few weeks/months later after the person made the conscious choice to improve that skill for themselves

As you read it it sounds like another one of those self-help books. Those where you feel inspired after reading a few chapters, and then also after finishing the last page. Then, a few weeks/months have passed, and we didn’t apply the principles of the book (or we haven’t applied them consistently to have grown a new habit). Then you take up the next one, just to get that inspiration again.

I didn’t immediately get that perception from this book. It stresses the importance of making conscious effort to keep the habit, and skill, part of our lives.

As I read through the individual chapters, I tried to reflect on how I might be experiencing a lack of these skills in my daily life, and whether I could potentially improve upon that area in my life. The one I’ll share, is the one that really hit me the hardest recently, adaptability.

  • I moved to another country, and believed that I could fit in without much effort. Turns out, this was not the case. The culture, work ethic, and people are quite different, and therefore I had to learn that the only way to really have this work out is to make an effort to adapt to this environment.
  • You cannot move somewhere and expect someone to change for you. If you came to them, it is you that needs to adapt.
  • I learned this the hard way, but at least I became self-aware of my lack in this area, and I have then made effort to change and work to fit in with how the rules and customs works in this country.

One good thing about these skills is that once you adopted them, you can work on teaching them to your own children (once you have some), and then make it a little easier for them. But first you must put in the effort to work on yourself, and that is the parting message I wish to leave with this book.


The skills noted in the book are very important to be learnt, especially in the environment we are living in, and what it may become in the future. The author writes the chapters in a methodical way, and give clear explanations for each skill. The book gets my 4.75/5

I hope you learn as much as I have from this book if you do decide to get yourself a copy!

Until next time, have a great day!