029-2020 Foundation

Title: Foundation (Foundation Novels)

Author: Isaac Asimov

Considering the science fiction book was written in the 1950’s I am quite impressed with the imagination and futuristic outlook the author had already that far back. The first moon landing didn’t happen for another decade and the story line is about an empire and civilized society living in multiple galaxies.

The book is split between five parts, each of which follows the story of a different group of people in a different part of time.

Part 1: The Psychohistorians

The story takes place in the centre for the Galactical Empire, where the leading professor for psychohistory predicts that the empire will collapse in a few centuries. He wishes to prepare, by communicating with the leaders to prevent the long term suffering of the surviving people by giving them the necessary knowledge to buildup their societies again and establish the second empire.

Part 2: The Encyclopedists

The story plays off 50 years after it was established that an encyclopedia needs to be compiled with all the knowledge accumulated by humankind over millenia, which have assisted them to build and rule the Empire that was ruled.

Part 3: The Mayors

30 years since part 2, the leaders have finally understood that their true purpose (compiling an encyclopedia) was in fact a ruse, and that the true purpose of the newly established colony is to help guide the other planets through difficult times, in order to reduce the time period that the galaxy would spend without a ruling and stable empire.

Part 4: The Traders

50 years on tells the story of how a merchant trader helps the foundation to strengthen their position in the galaxy, and improve their odds at helping the galaxy through difficult times.

Part 5: The Merchant Princes

20 years on follows the story of one merchant trader who establishes trade with another new kingdom, becomes mayor and also helps improve trade and economic relations with more planets, in contrast to bringing wars and suffering.

In fact, a series is being developed for this story, and I hope that they manage to tell the story as well as what it was written (https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=foundation+trailer). Though they will need to make a plan how they explain the link of the different parts to the time lapse between them, since between the different parts a few decades pass, and the different parts tell the story with completely different characters.

The story was at first difficult to follow, but once I got the guiding rope line of the story, I quickly caught on where each character and each story fit in to the whole book. It shows how the actions of multiple people are important to the future of the whole people of the planet and economy and their future.


The story is quite unique, original, and well told. In each of the different characters you will find and appreciate how clever they actually are and how the actions they took served a bigger purpose than solely for their personal gain. The story is not difficult to grasp once one understands the underlying foundational plot, and the telling of the story in different time periods just adds to the suspension that just builds until you get to the next book. Thus I give the book a rating of 4.6/5

Best wishes!!! 🙂

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