015-2019 The discomfort zone

Book: The [dis] comfort zone (how to get what you want by living fearlessly)

Author: Farrah Storr

What kind of approach would you like a book to follow when it teaches you about personal development? Maybe the one where they just tell you what you should change, and then which corresponding changes should come about? Or, perhaps the one where the author tells the reader about how they experienced the changes themselves, along with all the struggles, hurdles and bumps along the way?

If you’re looking for the latter, I believe this book is one for you.

It’s written in a conversational tone, just like when you were to sit right opposite each other. The message the author wishes to transfer is very clear and understandable from the way the book is written, and pulls from real-life experiences. It doesn’t go as deep as philosophy, where we might lose the thread along the way. I felt like I was with the author and writing down their story.

The author introduces their own method, called the BMD method, which stands for ‘Brief Moments of Discomfort’. We all have them, and sometimes multiple times a day. Yet, we try and get comfortable again, and thus try to avoid to confront those moments by any means possible.

This is where the author brings in her personal experience (as well as those from other people) who have been faced with these BMD, yet didn’t shy away, but rather approached them as challenges. Also, the reaction to them (ie. seeing them as a challenge, panicking, over-reacting, etc.) is what ultimately determines how we approach new challenges in our lives. The author decided to confront them as a challenge, and thus went through new experiences that made her life better.

So the grand message the author wishes to transmit is that we shouldn’t shy back from these BMDs, because some of them have something great on the other side for us.


Loved the writing style, the easy examples she used to explain her message, and the simple steps one in general needs to follow to also apply this to one’s own life. I think it deserves a top 4.8/5

Have fun with!

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